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Planning Application: N6/2012/2194/FP


Decided - Granted

Mr William Myers

Welwyn Hatfield Leisure Services, Campus West, The Campus, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6AJ

Retention of edge protection to the roof of Rollercity



  • Handside

  • Councillor Fiona Thomson
  • Councillor Gemma Moore
  • Councillor Michal Siewniak


Mr M Croft

Mr M Croft

Corporate Property Welwyn Hatfield Leisure Services The Campus Welwyn Garden City AL8 6AJ

Corporate Property Welwyn Hatfield Leisure Services The Campus Welwyn Garden City AL8 6AJ

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Design & Access Statement
01336620.pdf (18 kb) Miscellaneous (DMS Info Document: 776389 Page No(s).: 1)
Officer Report
2012-2194.pdf (39 kb) 24/02/2016
Amended Plans
FLOOR PLAN.PDF (30 kb) FLOOR PLAN (DMS Info Document: 776394 Page No(s).: 1)
PLAN.PDF (164 kb) PLAN (DMS Info Document: 776395 Page No(s).: 1)
ELEVATION.PDF (3303 kb) ELEVATION (DMS Info Document: 776398 Page No(s).: 1)
EDGE RAILS AND LADDERS.PDF (417 kb) EDGE RAILS AND LADDERS (DMS Info Document: 776401 Page No(s).: 1)
OBJECT - K WINBOW 19 SCHOLARS MEWS.PDF (3570 kb) OBJECT - K WINBOW 19 SCHOLARS MEWS (DMS Info Document: 781908 Page No(s).: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7) 26/09/2013
Decision Notice
01366738.pdf (126 kb) Miscellaneous (DMS Info Document: 799872 Page No(s).: 1)
01336633.pdf (254 kb) Miscellaneous (DMS Info Document: 776392 Page No(s).: 1,2,3,4,5,6)
Site Notice
Miscellaneous.PDF (618 kb) Miscellaneous (DMS Info Document: 776393 Page No(s).: 1)
Organisation Name Sent Reply Due Reply Received
WHBC - Public Health and Protection Public Health and Protection 04/09/2013 25/09/2013
Address Date Sent Expiry Date Date Reconsulted Reconsult Expiry Date
Miss K Window 19 Scholars Mews Welwyn Garden City Herts AL8 7JQ 04/09/2013
Application Number Proposal Decision Distance
6/2023/0502/COND Submission of details pursuant to the discharge of condition 16 (anti social behaviour) and 17 (car parking) on planning permission 6/2021/2207/MAJ Granted 0
6/2023/0233/COND Submission of details pursuant to condition number 15 (Remediation Verification Report), on planning permission 6/2021/2207/MAJ Granted 0
6/2022/2533/VAR Variation of condition 21 (approved plans) on planning permission 6/2021/2207/MAJ for changes to the lighting arrangement Granted 0
6/2022/2117/COND Submission of details pursuant of condition 8 (off-site highway improvement works) on planning permission 6/2021/2207/MAJ Granted 0
6/2022/1084/COND Submission of details pursuant to condition 9 (sustainable energy), 10 (car charging points), 11 (CCTV), 12 (privacy screens), 13 (landscaping) and 14 (materials) on planning permission 6/2021/2207/MAJ. Granted 0
6/2022/0628/FULL Installation an Air Source Heat Pump (revision to approved scheme 6/2021/1788/FULL). Granted 0
6/2022/0374/COND Submission of details pursuant to condition 1 (Construction Traffic Management Plan), 2 (full site survey), 3 (detailed surface water drainage scheme), 4 (landscape and biodiversity plan), 5 (arboricultural method statement), 6 (updated remediation scheme), 7 (noisy works and ancillary operations) on planning application 6/2021/2207/MAJ Granted 0
6/2022/0237/TC Works to trees in line with the detail supplied in the schedule of tree works No Objection 0
6/2021/2207/MAJ Expansion and adaptation of existing car park, including construction of new single suspended level parking deck, reorganisation of road and pavement arrangement, introduction of additional cycle parking, junction improvements and associated landscaping improvements Granted 0
6/2021/1788/FULL Installation of an air source heat pump. Granted 0
6/2019/1842/ADV Installation of 1 x non-illuminated wall mounted sign Granted 0
6/2020/0013/ADV Replacement signage to main building facade and entrance canopy including 1 x illuminated projecting sign,1 x non-illuminated fascia sign 1 x non-illuminated freestanding sign Granted 0
N6/2013/1029/FP Replacement and relocation of 6 antenna on free standing platforms, relocation of existing 600mm transmission dish and additional 600mm transmission dish on freestanding platforms and replacement and upgrade of existing equipment within equipment room Granted
N6/2012/0394/CD Proposed alterations to provide new entrance doors, new rooflights and 12 sunpipes Granted

There are no NMAs associated with this application