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Planning Application: S6/1996/0157/FP


Decided - Granted

11 Brookmans Avenue, Brookmans Park, Hatfield

Erection of first floor rear extension

Brookmans Park & Little Heath

Councillor Stephen Boulton Councillor Jonathan Boulton Councillor Rebecca Lass


Neil Anderson,

Mr & Mrs Morris,

1a Woodland Way Welwyn

11 Brookmans Avenue Hatfield

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Application Number Proposal Decision Distance
6/2019/1125/COND Submission of details pursuant to condition 8 (obscured glazing) on planning application 6/2016/1778/FULL and APP/C1950/W/17/3173234 Granted 0
6/2018/1502/COND Submission of details pursuant to condition 1 (material samples), 2 (details related to upper floor window), 3 (refuse and recycling storage), 4 (bicycle storage), 5 (hard and soft landscape plans), 6 (landscape details regarding planting and seeding), 7 (car parking construction and maintenance), 8 (car parking plans) on planning permission 6/2017/0157/FULL Granted
6/2017/2191/COND Submission of details pursuant to condition 3 (Materials),4 (parking and turning provision) ,5 (refuse/recycling and cycle storage) and 6 (hard and soft landscaping) on planning permission 6/2016/1778/FULL, granted on appeal APP/C1950/W/17/3173234, dated 17/07/2017 Granted
6/2017/0157/FULL Erection of a two-storey front and part single, part two storey rear extension , alteration to existing roof ( including provision of 8 dormers) and height of building to create 3 x 2 bedroom self contained flats, together with elevational alterations, provision of forecourt parking for 4 cars and associated boundary treatment. Granted
S6/2014/2242/FP Demolition of existing dwellinghouse and erection of new building comprising 3No. 3 bedroom flats Refused