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Planning Application: S6/1997/0037/FP

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Organisation Name Sent Reply Due Reply Received
Hertfordshire County Council - Adult Care Services Gary Heathcote 01/01/1997
Thames Water, Development Control Nicky McHugh 01/01/1997

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Application Number Proposal Decision Distance
6/2019/0085/MAJ Erection of building comprising sports hall with associated changing facilities and 7 x classrooms built on existing hard play tennis courts; 4 x hard play sports pitches to be provided to replace existing; provision of 33 x parking spaces; and two mobile classrooms to be provided for the duration of the project Granted
6/2018/2178/FULL Erection of building comprising a sports hall and 7no classrooms with associated facilities; 4no hard play sports pitches with perimeter fencing to replace existing; installation of 2no temporary mobile classrooms, and; provision of 33no parking spaces on existing hard play surface Withdrawn 0