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Planning Application: 6/2019/2556/COND


Decided - Granted

Mrs Sarah Madyausiku

Stanborough Park North Stanborough Park Stanborough Road AL8 6DF

Submission of details pursuant to condition 1 (submission of remediation scheme) and condition 2 (arboricultural method statement) on planning permission 6/2019/0857/MAJ




Councillor Fiona Thomson Councillor Siobhan Elam Councillor Anthony Dennis


Ms S Rawlings

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

3 High Street Stoke Goldington Newport Pagnell Bucks MK16 8NP

Campus East The Campus Welwyn Garden City AL8 6AE
Description Distance
Parish 0.00



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Select All File Description Date Uploaded
Consultee Response
Comments.pdf (52 kb) Comment - WHBC - Public Health and Protection 24/10/2019
130966.pdf (89 kb) Comment - Environment Agency 20/11/2019
Covering letter .pdf (139 kb) Cover Letter 11/10/2019
2. GE22715 Addit Report_Data Sheets_1.0.pdf (167 kb) List of Appendices 11/10/2019
1a. Apendix A Combined PDF.pdf (14205 kb) Appendix A- Drawings 11/10/2019
2e. GE22715 Addit Report_Appendix E_ Assessment_Complete_1.0.pdf (474 kb) 2. Appendix E Drawings 11/10/2019
1. GE22715 Stanborough Park North GI Report Rev 0 Draft 15_5_19_Redacted.pdf (2543 kb) Ground Investigation Report - redacted 15/10/2019
Additional GI and Assessment 6_8_2019 Issued_1.0_Redacted.pdf (486 kb) Additional Ground Investigation Works and Assessment - redacted 15/10/2019
1b. Apendix B Combined PDF_Redacted.pdf (54898 kb) Appendix B Background Info - redacted 15/10/2019
1c. Apendix C Combined PDF_Redacted.pdf (5205 kb) Appendix C - Fieldworks records/data -redacted 15/10/2019
1d. Apendix D Combined PDF_Redacted.pdf (771 kb) Appendix D - Additional Lab Analysis redacted 23/10/2019
3. Splashlands Remediation Strategy and verification Plan V1_Redacted.pdf (16503 kb) Remediation Strategy 23/10/2019
Stanborough Park Arboricultual Method Statement 301019.pdf (504 kb) Arboricultual Method Statement - updated 05/11/2019
Organisation Name Sent Reply Due Reply Received
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Councillor Anthony Dennis 22/10/2019 12/11/2019
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Councillor Fiona Thomson 22/10/2019 12/11/2019
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Councillor Siobhan Elam 22/10/2019 12/11/2019
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Landscapes Department 22/10/2019 12/11/2019
Environment Agency Natasha Smith 22/10/2019 12/11/2019 20/11/2019
WHBC - Public Health and Protection Public Health and Protection 22/10/2019 12/11/2019 24/10/2019

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Application Number Proposal Decision Distance
6/2020/1159/COND Submission of details pursuant to condition 9 (provision of appropriate footway) on planning permission 6/2019/0857/MAJ 0
6/2019/0857/MAJ Removal of existing children's playground and reinstatement of ground as parkland; construction of new playground including splash pad with associated changing room facility; kiosk; fencing around compound; outdoor gym equipment; drainage; earthworks and landscaping Granted 0
6/2018/2550/ADV Installation of 1x non illuminated banner sign Refused 0
6/2018/1200/FULL Erection of a pagoda for use as a children's party tent Refused 0
N6/2010/3120/DC3 Redevelopment of former Splashlands Complex to include; Phase 1: construction of high ropes adventure course, supporting ticket kiosk and clearance of former lido area and; Phase 2: redevelopment of former lido site to provide a wet play area, extension and refurbishment of existing toilet block to provide a cafe, education room, ticket office, landscaping, associated car park access and highways improvements Approval Subject to s106 0
N6/1999/0483/FP Use of land for Sunday car boot sales Granted 0
N6/1996/0358/AD Erection of 2 No. non illuminated sign boards Granted 2
N6/1995/0604/FP Erection of single storey building for use as offices and public toilets Granted 0
C6/1986/0101/DC Installation of two water flumes Granted 0
N6/1981/0225/DC Installation of solar heating panels Granted 0